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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Cataract Monocle

A low vision product which I designed and tested on myself, is called the Cataract Monocle. I have had excellent improvement in acuity in an eye with a moderately advanced cataract. The eye with a more mature cataract was not improved.

But as the eye with the moderate cataract has continued to worsen, I have gotten almost two years of additional good use out of the eye, both for the purpose of reading fine print, and in driving (distance vision). Had I not produced this monocle, I would have curtailed my driving, even under the most ideal lighting conditions, over a year ago.

Although I have discussed the development and testing of this Cataract Monocle on Skin Cell Forum, in the General Health Section, and on my blog Eureka Ideas Unlimited eurekaideasunlimited.blogspot.com
little interest has been generated in the ophthalmological community or among cataract sufferrers.

As for me, I have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the additional time I have been able to put off cataract surgery. Great changes are still occurring in the field which may become available because of the extended time I have been able to delay the first cataract replacement, first scheduled for February, 2007.

It saddens me that there is, so far, so little interest among other cataract sufferers, or among their physicians. In the absence of testing on a wider spectrum of cataracts, little can be determined about the general efficacy of the optical aid, or the amount of additional time delaying surgery will be afforded other users. All I can say is that for me, the additional time is over two years.

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