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This blog has been up for more than a year. The intent was to generate dialogues about serious problems and ideas. It has been almost exclusively a monologue. I have not been looking for large numbers of participants.

I would be quite happy with a few dozen imaginative, creative, thoughtful and inventive people who wish to address serious problems and issues. If anyone has any ideas about how to attract such a talented group I will certainly pay attention. I am not as computer conversant as I would wish. Anyone who could help in this regard would find me receptive to sharing my skills in other areas.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Doing Creation

Before the Beginning was Nothing.
Since that is all there was, there was a lot.
And with no space yet, there was no room.
All this was very difficult for God,
Particularly with no light, even though
There was only nothing to see.

There was only the agony of aloneness.
A desire for a fracture in the sameness.
For something! It could not not be.

In a flash beyond Brilliance
Growing out of the Singular Suddenness
Came Light and Space,
In that first nick of Time.

God delighted in the newness of Now
Even though Then was in everlasting retreat
From that first moment
God was eager to see When, the child of
Now and Then.

How magical and playful was When!
Where all the possibilities are still hidden.
The surprises and solutions yet to come.

God did not just say Let it Be,
But Let it Do!
And God was well satisfied
Because it Did.


Muggz said...

How remarkably open to His presence. It's almost as if you are saying that you are open to the possibility that in order for something to come from nothing, the divine is a necessary element. I would not have pegged you as one who would go there, even if only metaphorically.

I loved the poem. I particularly enjoyed the way that you gave the words in your poem a familial relationship. I thought that was clever and beautiful. Well done.

anthropositor said...

I like to think I am open to Its' presence. I think I said nothing to impute gender. I still wonder what possible reason a God would have to be gendered.

Being agnostic is to be as free of dogma as a human can manage.

Perhaps those who seek divinity the most are those who are not yet convinced that it has been found or revealed.

If I am to find a singular diety, it will more likely be in metaphor than in dogma.

To me, the central question is not, Is there a God? It is, To what Purpose? What caused God to be? What the hell is he up to? (Bad choice of words.) But more importantly what would this diety do next?

This must be a pretty important thing. A lot of us try to influence the outcomes ahead of time.

I have never really understood prayer. Generally got stuck on the Can you hear me now? part.

But seriously, how does the use of prayer work out? And is this a really frequent solitary practice? Are the same protocols in place as in ceremonial prayers when you are communing with your maker in soitude?

You have a certain flair for words yourself, so I'm hoping we can illuminate prayer, and in what ways it might have value to our lives.

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