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Consultant, inventor, mentor, chess coach,. Current projects involve No Till Farming and staving off blindness due to cataracts among other projects. I also do confidential ghost writing (without taking any published credit. My current blindness makes me put this on hold for a while. I should have one eye working again in about four months. Fact, fiction, all subjects considered. I have heard My daughter Jennifer is alive. I would love it if she were to contact me here. I understand she would like to know me. I have sent a message by circuitous route. I can only hope. My posted Email works as well. We have four decades to catch up on.

This blog has been up for more than a year. The intent was to generate dialogues about serious problems and ideas. It has been almost exclusively a monologue. I have not been looking for large numbers of participants.

I would be quite happy with a few dozen imaginative, creative, thoughtful and inventive people who wish to address serious problems and issues. If anyone has any ideas about how to attract such a talented group I will certainly pay attention. I am not as computer conversant as I would wish. Anyone who could help in this regard would find me receptive to sharing my skills in other areas.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thanks for the Email

I appreciate those who have pointed out that I have not been adding to the blog recently. It is a clue to me that the stuff is being read now and then. I have a much clearer idea now than I did in the beginning, what to expect of a blog. My first notion was that some extended dialogues would form, and that new ideas would come about and be polished by group conversation. I had some faith that this would happen.

Not much evidence that it will though, based on the comments so far. There have been a few flames, some appreciative notes, and the most recent comment posted here, chiding me for the attractive greeter in the foyer. I suppose I could put her in a burka, but somehow, that is not the same. She was supposed to be sort of a siren, enticing those gifted with both imagination and a libido. Newton aside, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Still, the faith is not gone. It is just somewhat more subdued, as is the notion that really complex and worthwhile work would erupt from the interplay of these conversations.

The odds of that happening are clearly low, yet the faith persists. In my other travels, I have had productive dialogues which went on for perhaps a dozen comments. The only ones that went longer were flame wars which rarely stimulated anything other than irritation and further polarization. So, while I still have a vestige of faith in the possibilities of this medium, I no longer expect that really productive conversations that actually accomplish anything are likely to happen much. Even so, Like Diogenes, I shall continue to carry the lantern, looking for an honest (and curious and creative) individual. I know one will pop up sooner or later. It has happened to me a few dozen times in my life. I see no reason it couldn't happen in cyberspace as well.

In the next post, I will try to sum up what I have learned, and what I am currently thinking about cataracts and how to deal with them.

Cataracts are of almost universal importance. Presbyopia and cataracts go hand in hand. If you intend to extend your useful lifespan, this is as important as any other limiting disorder of age. It is not a disorder which should be the exclusive domain of surgeons. Those of us with cataracts need to do our homework and assess our options. The field of eye health is turbulent with change, particularly with regard to cataracts. In the next few days, I may be able to open your eyes to a few possibilities, some of them experimental.

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