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This blog has been up for more than a year. The intent was to generate dialogues about serious problems and ideas. It has been almost exclusively a monologue. I have not been looking for large numbers of participants.

I would be quite happy with a few dozen imaginative, creative, thoughtful and inventive people who wish to address serious problems and issues. If anyone has any ideas about how to attract such a talented group I will certainly pay attention. I am not as computer conversant as I would wish. Anyone who could help in this regard would find me receptive to sharing my skills in other areas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lurkers, Whores and Dunces

A few observations. Down through history writing has been a solitary activity. Occasionally you will see a book with two authors. Probably, for every one of these that makes it to print, a dozen fail to make it as far as chapter three.

I have done a certain amount of ghost writing and editing of the works of others over the decades. I have never allowed my name to be coupled to the originator of the work; not on the book jacket, not in the preface, introduction or the acknowledgement. The credit or blame for the work belong to the author. I have done nothing more than landscape the intellectual garden.

I don’t often pair up with the author and help hammer out the lines as they form. It is not because I don’t like the idea of writing cooperatively. I like it very much. It just doesn’t usually turn out to be a painless experience.

When I first started looking at the internet forums I had considerable hope that some dialogues and multi-logues would develop in which the various participants would contribute meaningfully to further understanding. I had not anticipated so much jibber and jabber, so little real structure and meaning.

That is not to say that on a health related forum for example, you can not get useful and practical information. You are just going to have to search through a great deal of material of no value whatsoever. Social chat. Illogic of substantial proportions. And things that are just patently irrefutably wrong.

Of the forums I visited, only one prompted me to stick around for more than a few weeks. Skin Cell Forum. In the past 600 days, I have posted on a wide variety of different subjects in some depth. Close to 1300 posts so far, mostly on general health , treatment and nutrition. Few of my posts were just chat.

Then early this year I thought that maybe if I put up Eureka Ideas Unlimited as a blog, I would increase the scope of the previously local think-tank of collegiate level intellectuals and innovators discussing pressing problems and potential solutions. Almost a year has gone by. Not a single meaningful extended dialogue has developed.

My early notion that forums and blogs might to some extent remedy the solitary element of writing did not pan out. That is probably in part due to my lack of internet skills with tags, meta-tags, attracting search engine spiders, and so on.

Another thing may contribute to the lack of participation, and this is my fault for sure. Although I deal with ideas, problems needing solution, invention or innovation and creativity, and other notions for which the facts are still not entirely known, my opinions are sometimes strongly held, and rather sharply expressed.

I am not always successful in toning this down. For me, a certain amount of debate sharpens the wits and keeps us on our toes. I will sometimes even defend a working hypothesis almost as if it were an entirely self-evident proven fact. My opponent/colleague should go for the throat anytime I do this.

On the good side, the blog is a good place for me to further polish some of the ideas I am currently working on , and is also a convenient place for me to expose the ideas and discoveries that no longer seem speculative, in which the potential for harm is nil. One such solution is the prevention of airborne viral infections like colds and flu, and the reduction of allergic symptoms of exposure to airborne allergens. I could just put the link to it right here. It has a thread on Skin Cell and an essay here as well. But if you are not motivated to look through my archives here, or find the thread in the General Health section on Skin Cell Forum, you would not actually engage in the two minutes or less per day that it would take to protect yourself.

My most active work these days is in less well developed and long standing form. My ideas on alternatives to surgical intervention for cataracts, and in the alternative treatment of periodontal disease and other issues such as immunology and ageing are still in development.

In cataracts, my ideas show early indicators of success. My enthusiasm has grown with these subtle improvements, but not to the point that I am ready to shout from the rooftops that I have the answer. I am simply very encouraged about how things are going.

In immunology and ageing, my ideas also seem to be working well, but my activities in this field have only accelerated recently. The results I have already experienced seem quite favorable. But it is easy to jump to conclusions. I might conceivably have been just as robustly healthy at the age of 66 without the variety of interventions I have been employing. No way to know. Could be just placebo effect or the power of positive thinking. I have deep suspicion and caution about the medical/pharmaceutical/governmental structures which damage our health as often as they enhance it. These things all muddy up the water.

I will only talk about these working solutions to problems when I am confident that their value is unambiguous, and have considered the unexpected social consequences of their use on a large scale.

Almost half a century ago President Eisenhower gave a dire warning about the “military-industrial complex.” (This speech is in my archives here.) It was a notably prescient warning And considering his political party, even though Eisenhower was leaving the Presidency and seemingly had nothing more to lose, considering those volatile political times, the speech was a very courageous one, and deserves another look, particularly in view of present events.

But I would like to paraphrase that one term, military-industrial complex, broadening it to encompass the real scope of the enemy. It should be called the Regulatory-Industrial Complex. The evils go well beyond the military.

The tentacles of this cancer are strangling us just as effectively in the fields of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and the insurance business as well. Our legislators pay “lip service” to these industries and are paid for their efforts far better than our ladies of the evening get for oral ministrations to their clients.


DeannaHawk said...

Cynacism of our political process, agenda, and future fills my mind here, at 4am.--no wonder I can't sleep. :)
I've never been more disappointed in the political "elite"(both parties) than I am right now.
Both parties=1 party
The lip service you speak of spews full force as the countdown to the next king or queen begins.
Going to try to get some rest-I'm sure the political machine isn't losing any over me.
Thanks for being here.
Peace, my friend.

anthropositor said...

My dear,
I regard cynicism as the ability to see things in a worse light than they are. I focus sometimes more on the problems we face than our successes largely because we unfortunately don't have enough time to contemplate our navels, rest on our laurels and congratulate ourselves on being a later-day Rome.

In actual fact, Rome fell four centuries before it was clear to the Roman citizen that the Empire was totally dead.

In your case, you have the eye of a photographer. This clarity of vision sometimes causes you quite natural distress. This is not cynicism. It is clarity.

You once spontaneously did a social experiment involving hugging. How many cynics would do that?

I imagine that with effort we could find some small things to fight about, but in the bold strokes, I think we are both facing in the same direction.

May peace be upon us all.

Maureen said...

Hi Anthro, can I call you that? if not tell me and I won't again.

my original post here got deleted because I didn't register with Google first. Bummer.

I know what it's like to not get any feedback. My website has been floundering for a year. I sell astrology charts and you already know I sell skincare blends. got no clue about seo'g or meta tagging either. I pay someone to modify the site. Not a lot of $$ she is very reasonable, thank goodness.

I loved your story about the vibrator. Hilarious and gross...

Will you tell me what your profession is? Sounds like in the medical profession.

I cannot believe you worked on your own teeth. Dang, you got skills...and huevos yourself!

As far as politics go, I'm an independent. don't want to hear any BS from republicans or democrats because they are full of sh--! I want Hilary to win, because men have screwed up this country for decades and would like to think that a woman might bring a little more love and light into governing... probably a pipe dream but I am an optimist.

I'm a pagan, and a free thinker. Bunnie would probably get creeped out if she knew... Got kicked out of church at 14 yrs old for asking hard questions.

I think your blog is very interesting and I will visit again.

Hope to see you on the skin forum.


anthropositor said...

Actually Maureen,
The story about the vibrator was by an Emergency Room Physician, exactly as he wrote it. I followed with my commentary and, in my view, a possible course of action which could have prevented a major surgery.

The physician himself did not respond to my remarks. The story is tragic if it happenned that way. And I think that in the important details, it probably did.

I have a good friend who does charts and reads palms and actually has an excellent intuitive sense. She is so intuitive as a matter of fact that she virtually never brings it up with me. And for my part, I never bring it up with her. It works out great.

The pagan perspective is a surprise, what with the blessings thing. Makes you sound like an Evangelical.

Being in aroma therapy, do you have any knowledge, opinions or ideas relating to vomeronasal sensory signals?

oldmancoyote said...

Maureen's comment about voting for Hillary disturbs me a great deal. Bring love and light into government? I'm not sure that is a good idea. Laws do not need to be passed based on feelings. Our constitution gives the government the authority to pass laws that are Necessary and proper. Obviously this is not always the case. Emotions have a way of coloring our reality. Stem cell research is a very emotional topic. Do we want to prevent medical breakthroughs that could save millions of lives strictly on current emotions?

But enough of that. As for a woman president? Mixed feelings here. There are women who are very strong leaders. There are those that are not. While serving in the marines, I had a female Battalion Commander. She thought we needed to have a Bn wide gathering every month to express our feelings while sharing cool-aid and cookies. She had no ability to enforce orders and had no control over the troops. No one respected her, and she was essentially a laughing stock. theere was no discipline among the troops and morale was low. The whole situation sucked.

Female Company Commander (not my CO): young, tough and took no shit. If you could not do your job she would eat you alive, shit you out and flush you away. Lots of respect for her. Morale was high and the troops were worth thier salt. Don't complain to her about Being sexually harrassed because someone had a playboy centerfold taped to the wall of the workspace. She felt if you were tough enough to be a jarhead then you should not let stuff like that bother you.

I have no problem with a woman as pres. Just please not Hillary. We need strong leadership that can stick to thier guns so to speek. The clintons lean whichever way they need to on any given day to make people happy.

I'm beginning to rant which not my intentions. (Sorry maureen, Nothing persanal)

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