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Friday, May 04, 2007

Message To a Silly Person

On a different thread titled: "I think this soap is working" you posted the following;

My mom begged me to try this soap for my psoriasis. It's called Cyclic Nano silver. I kind of ignored it because what soap can it do for the problem I have? After 2 weeks of dragging my heels, I used it on my face and the back of my hands tonight. After some tingling sensation, I washed it off and some risen patches of psoriasis on my face seemed to be flattened and less reddened. I'm going to try this product for a few days to see if it's beneficial. So far after the first try, it seems to be effective. I'm going to post the feedback on this soon. This particular soap is made up of pure silver in nano size which makes it able to permeate into the pores and clean out bacteria and fungi. It is supposed to be highly effective on acne and eczema skin.I also tried tinactin (anti fungi ointment) on this one red spot after I read some old post by some high school student who tried it and saw big improvement. It has been only two days for me and I tell ya, IT DOES WORK. The red spot had become more like a flesh color and flattened the skin by 30%. I'm going to be a guinea pig myself and try it out further on other spots, too. I hope it is not just a fluke. In the meantime I'll keep you posted on this. (End quote.)

If these two had been on the same thread that quote could have been inserted in its' own little box with a click or two, instead of copying and pasting as I have just done (and in the process, losing the first four paragraphs that I had already written in my response before the cutting and pasting.)

Other readers too have to go back and switch threads just to find out what you are talking about. Most won't do so.

Be that as it may, let us look at the message. In your first line you are in effect advertising a product called Cyclic Nano Silver, a very, very expensive product in very pretty containers.

You set off my spammer alarm system with the blue strobe lights and the disorienting sirens first invented by the Nazi's long before you were born. But reading on, I realized it was a false alarm.

I do not believe you are a spammer.You are just a fellow who doesn't realize when you have said something in a misleading way. Now here is the comment on this thread, inserted with a single click:

Quote from: skin77 on May 01, 2007, 06:40:12 PM
I posted a few days ago that Cyclic soap might be working on P. Yesterday, I used it on my whole body and actually got some of the spots worse. I guess it's not a help. As for Tinactin, I tried it on other spots 2x day. It made them worse too I don't know how this antifungi ointment worked for that highschool kid. My P(soriasis) got cherry red and itchy now so I put some protopic to calm it down.

Actually I used the generic brand of Tinactin which contains the same active ingredient. Could it be that it was not working because I was not using the exact brand? Did anyone get benefit from using Tinactin?

See the difference? Okay, so now we can sum up the informational value of both posts efficiently.

You obtained a very, very expensive product and applied it for two days concluding that "IT DOES WORK." (But it is hard to really know if you are talking about the subject of your post or the fungicide Tinactin with this comment.)

Your second post retracts your first assessment of the Nano stuff. But then you say you put on some protopic "to calm it down." Perhaps you are unaware of the heated controversy surrounding this third product.

In any case, you have now applied THREE different potentially dangerous products TO your skin, thinking you were doing some things FOR your skin. And since you have said nothing about your previous experiments or visits to a doctor, there is no way of knowing if you have experimented with hormonal, steroidal or antibiotic creams. My guess is that you have.

I don't even know your gender, age, continent of residence, or any of the other possibly important details of your life.I strongly advise you to learn as much as you can about your skin and general health and to stop experimenting until you have a much better understanding of exactly what you are doing.

I extend this advice to the hordes of others who are pretty much doing the same sorts of things you are, with as little real thought. You can bet I will be getting some Email about what a (expletive deleted) I am, and Do I have to be so harsh?

So let me apologize for my frankness and give you a big genderless hug and let you know that I truly would like it if things worked out for you.

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