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This blog has been up for more than a year. The intent was to generate dialogues about serious problems and ideas. It has been almost exclusively a monologue. I have not been looking for large numbers of participants.

I would be quite happy with a few dozen imaginative, creative, thoughtful and inventive people who wish to address serious problems and issues. If anyone has any ideas about how to attract such a talented group I will certainly pay attention. I am not as computer conversant as I would wish. Anyone who could help in this regard would find me receptive to sharing my skills in other areas.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I Hold These Truths

I hold these truths to be self evident.
That the seeds of disaster are sown with success.
That sentient beings are equal to the measure of
Their wisdom.

It is not made so by law, not of man or god.
It is not evil that is the enemy, though the enemy
Makes evil.

It is error. Error in fact. Error in perception.
Error in judgment. Error in desire.
Error in belief. Yet we certainly cannot live
Without error.

As food is poison to the glutton,
Undigested, undiscovered , unexamined error
Is poison to the mind.

When we embrace error with great faith
It gets all over us. Eventually it propagates itself
So much that it permeates our very beings.

But the rare soul who can keep wiping off
The error as often as it builds up
And point out the truths that remain,
That soul is our hope, if not our destiny.

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The Real Mother Hen said...

Beautiful, yet so depressing...
Love it!

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