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This blog has been up for more than a year. The intent was to generate dialogues about serious problems and ideas. It has been almost exclusively a monologue. I have not been looking for large numbers of participants.

I would be quite happy with a few dozen imaginative, creative, thoughtful and inventive people who wish to address serious problems and issues. If anyone has any ideas about how to attract such a talented group I will certainly pay attention. I am not as computer conversant as I would wish. Anyone who could help in this regard would find me receptive to sharing my skills in other areas.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Playing Around With Art

Clearly art is ephemeral. I cannot now show you the picture that this post is about.

I think play is the central thing in creativity. In my scientific endeavors I restrain myself from being too goal oriented. There are times when a certain lack of experience in what you are doing is an asset, not a liability. Discoveries are rarely made by people who know for sure exactly what they are doing.

This picture has now disappeared three times, after it was successfully up. Sort of spooky. I am clueless as to why. Something wrong with my various tinkerings I guess. If it keeps up I could get a little superstitious. (Just kidding.)

Okay, I have tried repeatedly to post the original, did it on a different browser, (which modified the picture trying to bring it back to something approaching a photograph.) The above is an example. It no longer looks like Andy Warhol was toying around with impressionism. When I went back to my original browser, the new browser jumped back on. So I deleted it from my system.

The original browser originally posted my picture exactly the way I wanted it, but the picture disappeared in an hour or so. Now the remaining browser is correcting in the fashoin of the browser I deleted.

Sometimes I like not knowing what I'm doing, and all the discovery that goes with that. Other times it is just a reminder that my lack of understanding is profound. Maybe I should get a printer that works. I think I have lost the original print which I really liked. I think I will stop and think about the birds and the bees for a while. Keep an eye out for my next post, in which I will say something about the birds and the bees. I promise.

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