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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

(This is my response to a person with no apparent health problems whatsoever, except those in his head. The rest of the thread which initiated this answer can be found on skincell forum.)

Well Skinperson,

I wouldn't be too concerned about the lengthening of the healing process, even at the ripe old age of 29 (four years older than the average lifespan of the Roman citizen 2000 years ago).

I am 66. I guess my healing process virtually stopped about twenty years ago. I am, by all appearances, dead. Naturally, this is of some concern to me, so I pretend I'm living with a certain amount of vigor.

What you have is a discoloration on the tip of your toe which causes you no particular discomfort, and which might well have been initiated by some trauma or other. It is not of the slightest apparent importance, except that it is of concern to you.

This is a clear cut indicator that there is something serious happening. Your Dermacraptitis is at an acute stage and must be addressed immediately. It seriously affects the quality of your life. Do listen to me carefully. This is important.

Dermacraptitis affects the lining of the brain, the cerebral cortex. It can, in advanced cases, eventually be fatal. It is far more likely to foreshorten your life or damage the quality of your living than the age-related lengthening of the healing process.

It is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and if allowed to progress unimpeded, could ruin your life. I saw another case several months ago, of someone who was absolutely determined never to have another flake of skin fall off his head (dandruff).

We shed our skins about as often as snakes do. The difference is, we do not do it periodically all in one piece, but do it continuously a flake at a time, or I should say many flakes at a time. We literally snow flakes of skin. It is a big component of household dust.

I tell most people to listen to their bodies. The body gives many subtle signals which can lead one to healthy life choices which can enhance one's health and wellbeing. In your case, the volume seems to be turned up full-blast.

Pay some attention to your health; good nutrition, adequate rest and exercise, safe sexual practices, the EDUCATED use of trace nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Do not obsess. I have no medical history on you. The facts presented here are sparse indeed. Even so, what I have seen sets off all kinds of alarm bells.

Get ahold of yourself sir (metaphorically speaking). And welcome to Skin Cell Forum.

Anthropositor (aka Dead Man Talking)

(Please note, I did not coin the word dermacraptitis. Skinperson did. It was therefore not prohibitively rude for me to use the word in making my point.)


Josie said...

For several years now I have suffered from a severe case of the creeping gone-gones. It's very rare. People who have it like to laugh. A lot.

You have a great blog.


anthropositor said...

Thank you dear. My sense of humor is a hybrid between an orchid and a Bonzai Tree. It is odd, esoteric, and hard to keep alive.

But it sure is worth it when it blooms.

anthropositor said...

(Private message from J.)

I loved your response to the narcissistic fellow who has too much time on his hands! I didn't even think people looked at their toes that thoroughly. I actually thought this posting was a joke, and almost wrote "belated April Fools?"... If only our problems were as trivial as some little pink spot on our tiny toe! He's probably the kind of person who is afraid to go barefoot to the beach, in case someone sees his flaw.

anthropositor said...

Actually J, I had some reservations about this one. It was very difficult for me to determine with any real certainty if he was just having a bit of a joke or what. In looking over his previous posts, I was unable to determine his exact level of intelligence reliably at all. If he was as ill-equipped intellectually as I think he might be, I certainly did not want to be too caustic with him. But I think it is likeliest that he is obsessing in a rather extreme form and needs a bit of help to get over it.

I was actually referring to another gentleman who was obsessive about his dandruff, but Skin seems to qualify on this count as well, judging by his earlier posts.

I noticed from Skin's sentence structure, or lack of it in his previous communications, that he had some trouble being quite coherent, and his words were entirely bereft of punctuation. This is not a characteristic that one would normally expect in the typical 29 year old male in an industrial nation with some educational opportunities. But even so, even this level of literacy is not unusual, especially on the internet.

I chose the route of poking a bit of fun at myself at the same time I was trying to get through to him, and to make my remarks in such a way that, if he truly wasn't swimming in the swiftest part of the stream, he wouldn't understand what I was saying anyway.

It was good that you private messaged me rather than posting to the thread.

With your permission, or in the absence of your future objection, I am posting your note and this one on my blog. I can delete later it if you wish, but the likelihood of Skin actually finding his way to my blog is remote. At least I hope so.

To your good health sir.

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