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This blog has been up for more than a year. The intent was to generate dialogues about serious problems and ideas. It has been almost exclusively a monologue. I have not been looking for large numbers of participants.

I would be quite happy with a few dozen imaginative, creative, thoughtful and inventive people who wish to address serious problems and issues. If anyone has any ideas about how to attract such a talented group I will certainly pay attention. I am not as computer conversant as I would wish. Anyone who could help in this regard would find me receptive to sharing my skills in other areas.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Honoring Mother Earth Each Day

On Sunday, Earth Day, I started a new topic on Skin Cell Forum, “Honoring Mother Earth Each Day.“

So far people have contributed a handful of good notions about how we can reduce our cumulative deleterious impacts. Little things which can do a lot of good if enough people do them. That is a good place to post the little notions that are ready for immediate implementation.

The topic title here will be the same, but the emphasis is considerably different. Here I would like to discuss much larger, more challenging notions. Concepts that will require research and development, but which can eventually make a more profound and long lasting difference. The three main subjects will still be Global Warming, the depleted Ozone Layer, and the diminishing supply of Potable Water, but let us all keep our attention on the larger subject of Pollution of the Ecosystem.

If you have an idea which you think could diminish one of these problems in a big way, This is the place to get the ball rolling.

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